Designing the Questionnaire/Survey

XLS to XLSForm

Currently there are a few different option for creating a survey. I find the most flexible is to use the JavaRoses standards and develope the survey in excel. Some of these including text or numerical input, multi-select, single-select, as well as special data types like, gps points, poylgons, and geotracing. Others include bar-codes, images, audio.To design your form read XLSForm format documentation. Also see some examples out View Sample Forms.

If developing the form in excel is not an option for you then you could use the OpenDataKit Form Builderor PurcForms.

XLSForm documentation

Click to convert: Convert Excel to XLSForm

Offline XLSForm converters

  • XLSForm offline converter is open source and works on some Windows systems.
  • pyxform is a Python library. It can be used on the command line to convert forms.
  • Nafundi's XLSForm Converter is a offline app for Windows and Mac. It's always available, seriously fast, completely secure, and refreshingly easy to use.

Mobile Data Collection

GeoODK Collect is a mobile application that runs on Android smartphones. It is based on the ODK Collect, but has been extended with offline/online mapping functionalities, the ability to have custom map layer, as well as new spatial widgets, for collecting point, polygon and GPS tracing functionality.

The application is in the Google Play Store and the code is also maintained on a public github repository.

Watch Video on how the App Works

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Data Aggregation


FormHub is web system that allows people/groups to aggregate and transfer data between the mobile data collection app and a web environment. The software allows for people to author surveys quickly and easily in Excel and have instant access on their Android phone. The forms can be easily distributed on an Android device or on the web, so no data connection is needed. Ultimately it is possible to visualize the data as it is collected, and gain understanding of it using insights tools provided by FormHub.

ODK Aggregate

ODK Aggregate provides a ready-to-deploy server and data repository to:

  • provide blank forms to ODK Collect (or other OpenRosa clients),
  • accept finalized forms (submissions) from ODK Collect and manage collected data
  • visualize the collected data using maps and simple graphs
  • export data (e.g., as CSV files for spreadsheets, or as KML files for Google Earth)
  • publish data to external systems (e.g., Google Spreadsheets or Google Fusion Tables).
Check Demo Aggregate System
Try GeoODK Formhub Branch
Get Started with the offical Formhub

Geospatial data display

XLS GeoConverter (webapp)

This is a Django web interface for converting data collected with GeoODK Collect/ODK Collect to a geographical format (shapefile). In the XLSForm there are three main geographical formats

  • geopoint (point)
  • geoshape (polygon)
  • geotrace (polyline)
Try out the online form converter:

Convert Data

If interested in contributing Check out:

Git Hub »

Try out the GeoConverter (Desktop App)

The Mobile Data Conversion Kit is a desktop application that aims to convert your CSV data that can be exported from either your Formhub account or the ODK Aggregate system. Often there is a need to view the data in and GIS software like ArcMap, ESRI or QGIS, or Google Earth. Also once the data is out of the web environment we often normalize and alter the data to fit our statistical needs. This software will allow convert your CSV exported data into a format that can be handled in these GIS software’s. Also this application allows you to download the images that are in the system.