GeoODK provides a way to collect and store geo-referenced information, along with a suite of tools to visualize, analyze and manipulate ground data for specific needs. It enables an understanding of the data for decision-making, research, business, disaster management, agriculture and more. As a multi-dimensional application, GeoODK’s goal is to provide an open source platform that can be expanded to address current and future needs of data collection.

Development History

Finally!!! GeoODK Collect, is being launch as beta. For those of you that are not so familiar with this application, here a bit of history and the evolution of its development. Currently I am an application development at the University of Maryland, College Park and have been developing web GIS application for many Land-Use Cover and Land Use Change Projects at both a regional and global scale. Check them out:

In each of the projects there has been a need to gather, validate, and simply implement data collection methodologies for various reasons. This is when I found the open data kit (ODK). As I really dove in to using ODK for our projects and exploring the possibilities, our group found that we need various mapping functionalities as well as the survey based information. These include: offline mapping, visualization of collected data on the phone/tablet; the ability to collect point, polygon and GPS tracing data (and then associate this spatial information with all the collected form information). We also had large interest to add our own imagery (Offline) as need, which this was really the big one if you ask me.

ODK handles the form data collection process very well. But lacked the mapping components. I have spent the last few months aggregating the needs of all type of projects, not just one topic of data collection but rather all projects that could utilize spatial components with the formed information.

I spent the summer at the International institute of Applied System Analysis where I was able to focus solely on the development of this app, in the name of research. I hope you enjoy it, and please join the GeoODK testing Community, this will help better the project. I’m hoping to build a strong relationship with the ODK community so as they advance with their application I can integrate the new functionalities in GeoODK Collect, and vice versa.

The application with be completely open source and its main purpose is to be customized to your needs and projects. Also it simply aims to combination of mobile data collection technologies and GIS mapping as one big happy family.