The Mobile Data Conversion Kit is a desktop application that aims to convert your CSV data that can be exported from either your Formhub account or the ODK Aggregate system. Often there is a need to view the data in and GIS software like ArcMap, ESRI or QGIS, or Google Earth. Also once the data is out of the web environment we often normalize and alter the data to fit our statistical needs. This software will allow convert your CSV exported data into a format that can be handled in these GIS software’s. Also this application allows you to download the images that are in the system.

Another use for this application is when you are collecting data and you are not using the internal GPS but an external GPS (collecting the Latitude/Longitude manually). Aggregate does not recognize these fields for creating is KML. This tool allows you explicitly set you locational information per form/CSV. Before using this application make sure that the latitude and longitude fields are in geographical longitude/Latitude format. Suppose in your form you were collecting multiple locations in one form. This tool will allow you to define which set of location information you would like to use for mapping the data.

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