Development Road Map

In the near future we will be rolling out with a few new feature for both GeoODK Collect, and the MDK (Mobile Data Coversion Kit) See below for the plan. If you have request that you think could be useful let us know on the Community or Developers Group

Near Future

Posted: 08-21-2014

GeoODK Collect

  • Polygon display on the "Map Data" section of the app. Currently we have implemented the ability to collect polygons inside the form, however only points are displayed on the map., This is first order of business :)
  • The ability to create collect data from the Map, this could be useful if you are on the map and the user decides to fill out a form/survey. It does not make sense to go out of the the map. So there will be a icon that shows available forms and then can select one and care on a normal
  • Implementing local KML offline layers, currently there is only support for Mapbox .mbtiles
  • A Orientation Wideget. This wideget will allow you to collect the direction the device is pointed in. When collecting point information it can often be useful to know the direction in which the user is observing.
Mobile Data Coversion Kit
  • Convert CSV polygon strings to ESRI Shape File and Google KML/KMZ
  • Option for Image URL to be linked to the Server or to the local image directory, currently when the data is exported the CSV has a link to the image so when the kml is create the image still need interent to display, with this option it can be displayed offline once downloaded